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Tow Nation Proving Grounds: Brake Testing
Braking Test Results from the Tow Nation Proving Grounds!For the braking test, our sensitive data logging equipment measured the distance (feet) required to stop from 60 mph to 0 and the vertical g-forces measured at the trailer axle.Tune back in soon for the Slalom Test Results!
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Tredit Launches Tow Nation
From Tredit: We’re excited to announce the launch of Tow Nation, a new video series that will share all things Tredit and help customers get the most out of our products that keep them going for their next great adventure. Our first video focuses on the Tredit Advantage roadside assistance app and our Guarantees. Simplified. programs that provide customers with valued peace of mind. Be sure to keep an eye out for more videos in this exciting new series.
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On the Road Care: 3 Things You Should Check When Towing
When on the road, paying attention to these 3 areas will help ensure that you have a great towing experience and get where you want to go - Pressure, Weight Balance, and Heat.Here are 3 check points to help you get where you want to go with your trailer!
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4 Things your Trailer Tires are Telling You
Tire sidewalls are more than just decorations – they can tell you a lot about what you need to know to keep them at their optimal performance throughout their service life. We have highlighted 4 information points that your tires are communicating to you.
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5 Things to Check on your Trailer Tires Before your First Trip!
These 5 checks for your trailer tires will help you get to where you want to go.
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Trailer Tire Aging – Why Age Matters with Trailer Tires
The most overlooked aspect to towing – tire aging. Our recommendation is that trailer tires be replaced after 5 years of service life.
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Trailer Set Go Featured in National Forest Foundation News Release
Trailer Set Go was featured by the National Forest Foundation for donating 10,000 trees to our National Forests.
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Wheel Care Part 1: 2 Must Checks Before Starting the Towing Season
Here are two must checks to help you get the most out of your trailer wheels this season!
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Tire Care Part 1: 3 Must Checks Before Starting the Towing Season
Here are three must checks to help you get the most out of your trailer tires and wheels this season!
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5 Signs You Should Replace Your Trailer Tires
You want your trailer tires to last. Here are 5 signs you can look for that may indicate it's time for new ones.
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