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Wheel Care Part 1: 2 Must Checks Before Starting the Towing Season


Towing checklist: Packed extra snacks for Charlie – check. Grabbed phone charger off kitchen table – check. Made sure all lights are off – check. Inspect trailer tire and wheels – uh oh!?! Trailer wheel condition is often overlooked when preparing for your next adventure.

Here are two must checks to help you get the most out of your trailer wheels this season!

1. Proper Torque

Torqueing your wheels to their recommended torque requirements is essential to your safety and proper operation of your trailer or towable good. Make sure to use a quality torque wrench and proper tightening pattern. Also recheck after 50 miles and periodically when towing to ensure proper wheel torque is maintained.

Check out our Wheel Torque Guide to assist with proper torqueing.

2. Visual Inspection for Cracks and Damage

Trailer wheel condition is just as important as your tire condition. If you see any of these conditions, your wheels may need extra attention this season.

Damage – Bent or Curbed

Accidental impact with curb or hard object may lead to damage at the wheel lip and face. In severe cases, this could lead to a crack and premature wheel removal. It could also lead to tire damage if the wheel has become bent. This may cause a reduction in usable tire life and premature removal if not corrected promptly.

Cracks – Structural or Weld

Impact with a pothole or hard object may lead to spoke damage in aluminum wheels or weld breaks in steel wheels. In both cases, wheels should be removed from service immediately upon finding the condition. If left in service, the wheel may fail and could be a safety concern for you and others. Weld breaks may also present as pin-hole leaks at the weld area.

Check out our Wheel Warranty Guide to learn more about wheel conditions!

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