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4 Things your Trailer Tires are Telling You

4 Things your Trailer Tires are Telling You

Tire sidewalls are more than just decorations – they can tell you a lot about what you need to know to keep them at their optimal performance throughout their service life. We have highlighted 4 information points that your tires are communicating to you.

We’ll use the Goodyear Endurance to illustrate these 4 things from your trailer tires will keep you in the know!  


ST225/75R15 – “ST” means special trailer, ST tires are specifically designed to for trailer applications with enhancements in key areas like load carry capacity and tread patterns that run cooler. “225” – section width in millimeters measured at mid-sidewall to mid-sidewall. In this case, the tire is 225mm wide. “75” – aspect ratio is the height of the tire as a percentage to the tires section width. This tires’ sidewall heights are 168.75mm, which is 75% of 225mm. “R15” – construction and wheel diameter, this is a Radial tire and 15 diameter wheel. If it was bias it would have a “D”.


Load Range E 117/112N – load range, load index, and speed symbol. In our Goodyear’s case, this is a Load Range E that can carry 2,830 pounds in a single application (load index 117) or 2,470 pounds in dual application (load index 112). “N” – speed rating of the tire. “N” means this tire can travel at speeds up to 87 mph.  


“FOR MAX LOAD INFLATE TO 80 PSI” – trailer tires are designed to operate and carry their maximum load at specific “COLD” inflation pressures. Tire and wheel manufacturers have accounted for the rise in pressure as temperature increases. It is important to find the cold pressure setting information on the sidewall of the tire and inflate the assembly to that pressure. Our Goodyear example is designed to have a cold inflation of 80 psi.

Date of Manufacture

“DOT MDHHA51V 3416” – within the DOT tire identification number is the month and year the tire was produced. The 4 last digits represent the date of manufacture for your tires, in our case “3416”, meaning 34th week of 2016.  

Special Note: If over 5 years from when you purchased them or over 5 years from the date listed on your tire – we recommend replacing those tires. See our article on Trailer Tire Aging for more!

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