Goodyear Endurance ST225/75R15 LRE Radial Tire on 15” 6-Lug A1411 Black Aluminum Assembly Image

Goodyear Endurance ST225/75R15 LRE Radial Tire on 15” 6-Lug A1411 Black Aluminum Assembly

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Product Description
  • Goodyear Endurance ST225/75R15 LRE Radial Tire on 15" 6-Lug A1411 Black Aluminum Assembly.
  • Includes Balancing and Nitrogen
  • The Goodyear Endurance is a special purpose trailer tire developed specifically for use on travel trailers, pop up campers, boat trailers, toy haulers and fifth wheels. Endurance trailer tires are designed with durability in mind to help make towing a trailer less stressful by reducing impact related failures experienced during use
  • Special purpose trailer tires are not intended to be used on cars or light trucks
  • Endurance trailer tires feature a rounded profile to help cushion the trailers ride, and the symmetric tread design with closely spaced ribs provide constant rubber to road contact for straight tracking, dependable highway stability and long lasting wear. The tire features an internal structure that includes twin steel belts with a two ply nylon reinforcement to stabilize the tread, increasing traction and durability. The Endurance also features a polyester cord body to help smooth out the trailers ride, and a scuff guard is molded into the sidewall to further increase durability by resisting damage from contact with curbs during parking lot maneuvers
  • Featuring Durawall Technology, ENGINEERED to help you tow with confidence
  • Optimized Tread Depth and Decoupling Groove helps the tire to remain cool while towing heavy loads
  • Scuff Guard helps provide sidewall protection
  • Specialized Inner Liner minimizes air loss in trailer applications because of the halobutyl rubber
  • Wheel includes 2 year cosmetic warranty
  • Lifetime Structural Warranty
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