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Rainier ST145R12 LRE 10-Ply Radial Trailer Tire

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Product Description
  • Rainier ST145R12 LRE 10-Ply Radial Trailer Tire
  • The Rainier STR is designed with a light truck appearance coupled with the durability, high load capacity and rigorous demands of ST tires.
  • Strong Sidewall protection against accidental cut and wear.
  • Wider center rib for increased road contact.
  • Blade groove design to enhance the rigidity of the tread pattern.
  • Varried tread pitch design to reduce road noise.
  • Improved heat dissipation with extended tread life.
Load Index
Tire Capacity (lbs)
Tire Width (inch)
Tire Overall Diameter (inch)
Speed Rating/MPH
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